Organization Onboarding

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Partner Organization Profile

  • Non-profit that works with communities who can benefit from high quality online learning resources

  • Support constituents who face challenges in their personal lives, are looking to advance professionally, and have an interest in self-improvement, empowerment, and moving forward

  • Are frustrated with the cost and availability of educational resources

  • See the value in providing learning opportunities that are convenient, flexible, and easy to take online through a computer or mobile device

  • Find utility in the verification that training has been completed through online reports showing learner activity, progress, and course completion

  • Seeking success stories to share with supporters and donors


Course Curation

Thrive works to provide curated learning programs created through collaboration with Thrive personnel, to make sure participants are provided with intuitive course selections based on their needs and interests. 

Sample Learning Programs:

  • Career Planning and Transition

  • Understanding and Controlling Emotions

  • Productivity- Get Things Done

  • Interpersonal Communication

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Achieve Balance and Well Being

  • Using Technology and Collaboration

  • Entrepreneurship

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Program Roll Out & Metrics

Each learner is delivered a unique user name and password used to securely log into the training site. The courses are available 24/7, learners may take training whenever they wish. When learners login they may take courses that have been curated for them or browse the site for any subject of interest.

Learners may access training for a period of six months (extensions may requested and will be approved on a case by case basis).

All learner course activity is monitored and recorded by the training website. Data is reportable to organization administrators.


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If you are a nonprofit that is interested in discussing how Thrive's eLearning program can benefit your community, please contact us.

Thank you for connecting with us!